Fisher Mediation
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“Mr. Fisher was amazing in settling two extremely contentious cases involving complex issues and complex personalities. He was smart, intuitive, tough and fair. I look forward to working with him again because he gets results.” Cynthia R. Pollock, Esq.

“Paul Fisher is a first class mediator with an ability to understand the legal issues, and more importantly, the emotional and psychological issues, of any case. Mr. Fisher has a subtle combination of patience, perseverance, directness and understanding that comes together to settle the toughest cases. I would strongly recommend Mr. Fisher as a mediator on any case.” Keith A. Davidson, Albertson & Davidson LLP

“You really did walk on water in our case.” Tyna Thall Orren, Orren & Orren

“Paul is a great salesman for settlement. He projects a Solomon type wisdom, is courteous and respectful to the everyone’s concerns without losing focus on the big issues. He tenaciously works to soften the most stubborn litigant, and has a knack for boosting their self esteem as a reward for their compromise to achieve resolution.” Michael B. Hicken, Esq.

“Mr. Fisher successfully mediated a very difficult and emotionally charged family dispute for my client. He had the experience, skills and tenacity to keep the mediation process progressing until all parties were able to come to a very productive solution of the dispute. I highly recommend Mr. Fisher as an excellent mediator.” Hal Nelson, Esq.

“Paul, I thought you had just the right approach on this. Great job.” Kenneth G. Petrulis, Esq., Goodson Wachtel and Petrulis, apc

“We appreciate Paul’s efforts in helping us settle a highly-contentious case. He is experienced not only in his knowledge of the law, but in understanding the relationship dynamics that are often at the heart of the dispute. Our mediation successfully settled at 3:30 a.m. due in large part to Paul’s perseverance.” Jennifer Hudson, Esq., Goodson, Wachtel & Petrulis, APC

We had the classic probate fight … beneficiaries fighting over the family estate. The parties could not look at each other, much less talk to each other, but Paul talked both sides down to a place where a settlement could be reached. I did not think it was possible. I would definitely use Paul again. John W. Short, Esq., Brown White & Newhouse LLP

“Dear Judge Bobb: Settling this case was the direct result of the outstanding mediation services of Paul Fisher. Settling this case was a Herculean task, and he did so with sensitivity, patience, and long hours of very hard work. As a result, the parties avoided a fifteen to twenty day jury trial, and massive resources which would have been expended by both sides. Please accept my enthusiastic suggestion that parties in highly complex business and employment litigation should be directed to consider utilizing Mr. Fisher’s mediation services. He was terrific.” Gail D. Solo, McKay, Byrne & Graham.

“Dear (Assistant Presiding) Judge Bascue: Thank you for assigning the mediation to Paul Fisher. The matter involved a highly emotional dispute. Both (consolidated) cases were clearly headed for a fractious trial which itself would likely have created more heat than light. Paul Fisher accomplished just the opposite. He created light and dissipated heat. He is to be the commended for his acumen and professional abilities.” Clinton M. Hodges, Esq., Stockdale & Hodges.

“Dear Judge Schneider: I would like to commend court-appointed mediator Paul Fisher for his role in settling the above-referenced matter. Without Mr. Fisher’s participation, this case may not have settled, requiring many hours and days of pretrial and trial effort. Instead, we were able to resolve the matter to all parties’ satisfaction in less than three hours. Furthermore, Mr. Fisher undertook his role with the utmost in professionalism and diligence, providing counsel and the parties with a comfort and trust that made this settlement possible.” Craig P. Bronstein, Esq., Lanak & Hanna, P.C.

“Dear Judge Munoz: I participated in a mediation before Mr. Fisher which involved numerous difficult issues. Mr. Fisher worked well into the night on Saturday, resolving the matter, and assisted the parties in entering into a settlement agreement.” Gordon S. Benson, Esq.

“Paul, you are truly a super-star. I went to the mediation after meeting with my client and felt mediation would be an exercise in futility. My client was convinced that he was right. In going through the mediation process with you, he realized the exposure he had for an adverse judgment and more significantly for an award of attorney’s fees to the prevailing party. An even handed, patient review allowed my client to feel comfortable in making a sufficient offer to resolve the matter.” John D. Friedman, Esq.

“You’re a miracle worker. You are to be commended on your ability as a problem solving mediator to always remain focused and do what it takes to get the job done. Congratulations on a difficult job well done.” Robert Coldren, Hart, King & Coldren

“I did not believe this case had any chance to settle. I look forward to working with you in the future.” Gary C. Wunderlin, Esq., Allard, Shelton & O’Connor, LLP

“I am writing you for the work you did to get this construction defect case settled. I am particularly pleased because, when I took the case, I was fully aware that for various reasons it could never be tried. I knew then that you would be the one who could and would facilitate a settlement, which you did. If only more of my best-laid plans would work out as smoothly as this one did. Working with you was a pleasure, and I hope to have many more opportunities to do so in the future.” Jonathan Schwartz, Esq.

“I highly recommend Mr. Fisher as a mediator. He understands the process and how to make it work. I would not hesitate to work with him again. Mr. Fisher’s ability to manage mediations involving complicated issues and varying interests is impressive. He has highly effective communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, and demonstrates a commitment to do all that he is able to help parties reach resolutions.” Barrett Kiernan, Esq., Cozen O’Connor

“Paul Fisher’s extensive experience with mediation and dealing with difficult personalities (clients and attorneys), as well as his research on those personalities is unique and I would not hesitate to use him for a mediation, as well as recommend him to others who are looking for an effective mediator.” Maria Hamar, Esq.

“On behalf of the defendant, I thank you for the successful mediation. As a mediator myself, I can say — you are a mediator’s mediator!” Daniel P. Ben-Zvi, Esq.

“My assessment of you as a mediator is A+”. Gary Fidler, Esq., GREENE, FIDLER & CHAPLAN

“You did an outstanding job on this case for all the litigants. I was impressed with your ability, and I do not say that often.” James Kellner, Esq.

“Job well done, as always.” Jim White

“This letter expresses my sincere gratitude to you for your services as mediator in the above-referenced matter. The commitment you showed in hanging in there with us until after midnight in order to help us reach a global settlement was greatly appreciated by myself and [deleted].” Dirk O. Julander, Esq., Julander, Brown & Bollard.

“In these types of cases [probate] that are so full of emotion, I feel you were very sensitive and very kind, as well as efficient. I appreciate your clarity and honesty.” Anonymous party in a probate mediation.

“On behalf of all concerned, thank you for the wonderful job you did in conducting our mediation sessions. Without your skill, patience and professionalism, this case would not have settled.” Douglas S. Draper, Esq., Draper & Pherson

“I would like to formally thank you. I was impressed by your skill, dedication and demeanor and I would not hesitate to utilize your services again in the future.” Otto Haselhoff, Esq.

“I am writing to express my appreciation for your assistance in mediating the above referenced case. Your approach was very conciliatory and seemed to combine precisely the right combination of strong admonition and gentle coaxing to enable the parties to bring the matter to resolution.” Linda Monroe, Esq., Harris & Monroe

“Through the assistance of Mr. Fisher’s superb mediation techniques, I believe we achieved a fair and equitable settlement that allows our clients to move on to happier days.” Howard Gold, Esq.

“Thank you for your skillful efforts in helping us bring an end to the litigation. I am sure that without your assistance, we would have had a difficult time finding a resolution to this action.” Clifford E. Friedan, Esq., Rutan & Tucker, LLP

“We would like to join in Mr. Friedan’s praise of your efforts. We thank you for your highly professional and skilled ability to mediate this matter to a successful conclusion in only one day. It was a pleasure working with you. We hope we will have another opportunity to work with you in the future.” Cecilia A. Tripi, Esq., Crowell & Moring, LLP

“I found it to be most beneficial to have you as the private judge in this matter. I felt that your work was outstanding and you made the trial almost pleasurable. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to be able to work with you once again in the future.” Myron B. Rothberg, Esq.

“Highly attentive, conscientious, knowledgeable, and ethical arbitrator and mediator.” Dale A. Ortmann, Esq., Hunt, Ortmann, Blasco, Palffy & Rossell, Inc.

“An individual of high integrity and intelligence. Mr. Fisher did an excellent job as mediator in this case.” Bruce W. Barr, Esq., Legal Division, Department of Transportation, State of California.

“The best mediator I know of, and I recommend him, is Paul R. Fisher.” James L. Kellner, Esq.

“Thank you again for your efforts to resolve this matter. Were it not for the work that you put in, I doubt the matter could have been settled at all.” LeAnne E. Maillian, Esq.

“Once again I wish to thank you for your effort and dedication in assisting in the resolution of a dispute. Thank you for your help in creating a process which allowed all the parties to relinquish their firm belief in the righteousness of their own position and be realistic about the risks of proceeding an adversarial manner.” Linda Monroe, Esq., Harris & Monroe

“I just wanted to say Thank You for all your efforts in the . . . mediation. You did an amazing job in getting a result and for this I will always be grateful. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and getting to know me as a human being. Your efforts, thoughtfulness and kindness has truly allowed me to begin a new life for the first time since [husband's] death. I feel that I can move on. Thank you.”

“Please accept my gratitude for the splendid job you did in bringing [deleted] together to a successful resolution of our differences. Needless to say, without your high level of skill and knowledge, as well as your creativity in ‘pulling out all the stops’ both parties would still be engaged in a messy court battle. I genuinely appreciate the fine service you rendered.” President, [deleted] Corporation

“I went to the mediation regarding [deleted] completely skeptical about a process which neither side has any obligation to agree. That was before I met you. Rarely have I seen someone perform a service with more skill and poise than what I saw from you during the late hours of discussion. I thank you and I know many others feel the same even though they may not take a minute to tell you.” President, [deleted] Corporation

“I wanted to take this opportunity to extend to you on behalf of myself and my clients our sincere appreciation for your assistance in mediating and resolving the above matter.” Gordon S. Benson, Esq.

“Thank you for your assistance in getting the parties to reach a settlement. You did a lot of hard work, and your efforts certainly paid off.” Gary L. Effron, Esq., Lewis, D’Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard, LLP

“Mr. Fisher is a great mediator.” James J. Barker, Esq.

The following are anonymous comments:

“Fisher was extraordinary.”

“Mr. Fisher had all the attributes of an arbitrator that I wished all arbitrators had: fairness, decisiveness, knowledge of subject matter and the law, and most of all, guts to take a stand on the decision.”

“Paul Fisher was truly outstanding! Hard-working and fair-minded, a perfect arbitrator”

“Excellent job, excellent settlement/mediation person.”

“Mr. Fisher’s ability to manipulate the parties was exceptional. The ability of the mediator to impart upon all an atmosphere of problem-solving in a congenial manner. Mr. Fisher’s demeanor was impeccable. He was able to convince the parties that their best interests would be served by resolving this matter. It was a very contentious dispute, with a lot of ego involved. The fact that it was able to be settled at all, was only through his hard work. The mediator got the Plaintiffs to go from a never-never land figure to a real-world figure. Mr. Fisher was extremely professional, very dogged and determined and settled a hard to settle case. We were very pleased with him.”

“Paul did a great job. Couldn’t have been done without him. Paul spent a significant amount of time in his initial teleconference with counsel. This set the backdrop for a successful mediation.”

“Knowledgeable; allowed evidence to be heard, but kept arbitration
on track.”