Fisher Mediation
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Real Estate and Business

  • Complex Business, including business and family business dissolution and restructuring.
  • Business and real estate buy-sell agreements; failure to disclose known material defects; brokers commissions.
  • Specific performance, recision.
  • Toxic waste, underground storage tanks, product lines, remediation damages.
  • Complex multi-party insurance coverage.
  • Earthquake related claims, insurance coverage, subrogation, bad faith, fraud.
  • Complex commercial landlord-tenant disputes.
  • Indemnity, apportionment, abandonment, novation, punitive damages.
  • Disputes by and among common interest developments.
  • Title, adjoining land owners, easements, adverse possession.
  • Unfair competition, trade secrets.
  • Dissolution of partnerships, breach of contract, negligence, declaratory relief, accounting, conspiracy.
  • Family owned businesses and partnerships: conflict management, collision of family and business systems, baggage, succession, multiplicity of other issues.
  • Disputes involving automobile dealerships; between different dealerships, between dealerships and manufacturers, between consumers and dealerships.
  • By and among churches.
  • Attorney and accountants errors and omissions.

Attorney References for Real Estate and Business Disputes