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Managing Dismissive and Bully Attorneys Series

Managing Dismissive and Bully Attorneys” condensed version of the nine article series, published by the American Bar Association in the July/August, 2016, edition of Probate & Property Magazine.

Part 1 – “Managing Your Dismissive and Bully Peers” (November, 2013)

Attorney-to-attorney interactions often are a battleground of skill, knowledge and personalities. It is the personality component that can lead to the same dysfunctional relationship between the attorneys that the parties experience with each other. This is the first in a series of articles that explore these sometimes explosive relationships and provide effective tools for attorneys to manage the most difficult and possibly high conflict personality opposing attorney.

Part 2 – “Tools that Manage Dismissive and Bully Attorneys – Caging the Tiger” (December, 2013)

Tools that work in dealing with Dismissive and Bully attorneys. Although the Dismissive and Bully attorneys have characteristics that make them unique, these tools, selected from interviews with forty attorneys, are effective for managing both. Read full Daily Journal article.

Part 3 – “Additional Tools that Manage Your Dismissive and Bully Attorneys – Caging the Tiger” (January, 2014)

Part 4 – “Actions That Do Not Work in Managing – Enraging the Tiger” (February, 2014)

Part 5 – “Additional Actions That Do Not Work in Managing – Enraging the Tiger” (March, 2014)

Actions that do not work or that contribute to dysfunctional relationships with these opposing attorneys.

Part 6 – “Gender: Negative Experiences of Female Attorneys and Their Responses” (April, 2014)

Experiences unique to female attorneys and their interactions with male attorneys during the course of their careers. We also share the how and why of some women’s responses to these experiences, with positive or negative results.

Part 7 – “Gender as an Advantage and Additional Female Attorney Strategies” (May, 2014)

Additional experiences unique to female attorneys in their interactions with male attorneys, and how they have responded. Certain responses are more effective than others, and their positive or negative impact can vary with the situation and delivery.

Part 8 – “Gender: Negative Experiences of Male Attorneys” (August, 2014)

We explore some male attorneys’ experiences and their strategies with female attorneys.

Part 9 – “Gender: Male Attorney Strategies” (September, 2015)

Gender based experiences of male attorneys. Additional effective strategies of male attorneys in managing gender based Dismissive or Bulling behavior of female attorneys.