Fisher Mediation
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Short articles and practice tools for attorneys
Managing Extreme Outbursts of Clients and Attorneys
Breaking Through to Your Most Difficult Clients and Opposing Attorneys
Critical Exception to Mediation Confidentiality Advances
The Power of Deadlines in Negotiation
Managing Lying by Opposing Attorney
Looming Changes to Mediation Confidentiality
How to Manage Yourself So You Can Manage High Conflict Personality Clients
Managing Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder Clients
Managing Paranoid Personality Disorder Clients
The Dark Triad
Are You Representing a Machiavellian?
Are You Representing a Sub-clinical Sociopath?
Are you maximizing power in negotiations?
Controversial Mediation Confidentiality: Client v. Attorney
Is Your Client’s Spouse Driving You Crazy?
Client manipulating you through drama, charm or tantrums?
Has your client told you, “You’re the greatest!” and later, “You’re the worst!”?
Is Your Client in Armani Actually a Vampire?
Feeling Taken Advantage of by a Narcissist Client?